How To Make Japanese Building Style in Minecraft

By | July 21, 2021

How To Make Japanese Building Style in Minecraft

Hey Today We Tell You How To Make Japanese Building Style in Minecraft a complete guide step by step. Building in the Japanese style can be quite difficult.

It took me quite a practice to get the hang of it. The biggest problem is that Japanese buildings have curved roofs, which are difficult to repaint with blocks.

Also, depending on the type of building, Japanese buildings have a variety of small details, which is not possible to do in the mine, especially in small construction, which greatly reduces the Japanese feeling that the mining facilities have.

Note that I am not saying that I have the best or most complete way to build Japanese buildings, this guide is designed to help and encourage anyone who wants to build something in Japanese style.

To build Japanese buildings I use only a few large blocks, and various other blocks to insert details. Cobblestone, white wool, black wooden planks, logs and fences make up most of my buildings.

Red wool is used by many people and, although I prefer to use it as little as possible, as it is a prominent color in the Chinese construction style, which looks similar, but not the same.

However, I use red wool for pagodas and torii’s (arches).

Most of my buildings will have the same types of structures, with minor changes to make each look very different, especially the most important buildings.


As mentioned, my architecture is generally similar in structure, but different in appearance. I usually build only 1 building on the ground floor, I find that they look great and make any large building, like a palace or temple, stand out from the crowd.

However, additional floors in tall buildings are constructed in the same way as 1 buildings, or sometimes there is a slight change in order to look better on this scale.

When I start building, I usually create a make-up first, by placing a black log every 4 blocks. These will be the edges and dividers of the wall sections. Wherever I look for a door, I usually leave only the block between 2 blocks.

Hey Today We Tell You How To Make Japanese Building Style in Minecraft a complete guide step by step. Building in the Japanese style can

                                                           How To Make Japanese Building Style in Minecraft

This means that the balance on the other side will be turned off, unless you also build a door on that side. However, it is rare for me to build a door on both sides of a building,

So I adjust the dimensions by simply changing the parts of the wall. Instead of having 3 block spaces between wood blocks, I change a few of them into 2 blocks or 4 block spaces, whatever makes it look the same again.

When I have finished the make-up, all wood blocks will be fitted with 2 more blocks and the middle spaces will be filled with white wool.

In some buildings the middle layer of wool will be replaced by a fence, which creates better looking windows.

I never put the door, not outside or in the rooms inside the building. It just looks weird and I personally think it sounds very Japanese, as they used to have slide panels (on rice paper) instead.

Walls Of Buildings – Japanese Building Style in Minecraft

The walls of buildings, like many things, tend to be thin. I mainly use two types of walls. One is made of white wool and black wood.

One is made of black wood and black planks. Cobblestone also works well as a foundation for walls, especially in military buildings.

Rice Paper Walls

I often see people using a ladder or a fence to recreate a rectangular line of rice paper. However, traps work better.

How To Make Japanese Building Style in Minecraft

The Roofs – Japanese Building Style in Minecraft

Japanese roofs tend to be flat and narrow at the top of the cliff. Many buildings have several layers of roofing, or sometimes very close, making it difficult to replicate those in the minecraft mines. However, pagodas and other layers can be easily constructed.

Japanese roofs also tend to have a slight curve rather than a corner, making them a small wave.
Many people build corner roofs on the roof, which is not true that it is not a mistake, but it has not been used many times in real life.

Those reeds are a Chinese style. The corners of the Japanese roof may have a slight curve or it may simply be a standard roof, as shown in the examples below.

I usually build 2 more blocks, which makes for a better feel on the narrow streets. However, in tall buildings I allow the roof to hang in block 1, as 2 blocks look bad when viewed from low ceilings.

How To Make Japanese Building Style in Minecraft

City Walls and Other Protection Walls

I usually use only 2 different wall structures, although not always with the same blocks, one for city walls and one for small walls around important buildings and districts.

The walls of the outer city are often built on a stone foundation to add height. Like other buildings, my walls are made of cobblestone, black wood, and white wool.

I use these great walls where my city is big and contains a lot of layers. Those of you who have played Shogun 2 will probably remember the many layers of Kyoto.

I use small walls around important buildings, such as the palace and the homes of family leaders. These walls are made of white wool, black wood and stair blocks and blocks, although I have tried several variations, as shown in the examples below.

How To Make Japanese Building Style in Minecraft

Trees Garden and Other Flora

The most beautiful first tree anyone will think of is, of course, the cherry tree with its pink flowers. This tree can be made of pink wool, although it does not look very real on its own, depending on the texture package you use.

However, if it is part of the city or the landscape, the pink tree blends well with other buildings and decorations. I build a cherry tree in the same way as I built oak trees, full details can be found in this guide.

How To Make Japanese Building Style in Minecraft

Some trees are just a small variation of conventional trees (as seen in the tree-building guide), such as oak and willow, because it is impossible to add certain details to small trees.

I use only 3 different Japanese styles, rock garden, style gardens and court gardens.
Rock gardens are easy to build.

I usually use only cobblestone, because it makes the garden look more peaceful, which is the perfect point of the garden. The soil is made of sand, even though the clay works well.

Styard gardens are hard to build, because in real life they are the best versions of common landscapes. Although with a small arrangement of flowers, logs, water features, leaves and other decorative blocks, creating a stylish garden should be achieved.

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Troii Gates – Japanese Building Style in Minecraft

The gates of the Torii gates point to the entrance to the holy places (usually Shinto temples). They can vary in size, sometimes as large as 3 story structures, which make them ideal for minecraft, because it is much easier to create a beautiful, beautiful torii, rather than create a beautiful, small torii look.

The torii is usually red, with a block cover on top. But some variations are rare, which are often a little easier to replicate in the default texture pack,

As there are no black slabs to cover the red version of the torii, although the cobblestone works well enough. The black cover can also look green, depending on the material used and how rusty the metal is.

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