Starlight Crafting Altar A Complete Guide

By | May 10, 2021

Starlight Crafting Altar A Complete Guide

Now you want to upgrade your Luminous Crafting Table to Starlight Crafting Altar.

This will give you the strength to do even more powerful things.

To do this you will need a lot of Starlight and a few things (please check your Tome).

If you have all of these on the Luminous Crafting Table right-click on your Resonating Wand and your Luminous Crafting Table will enhance it.

This can take a while so be sure to do this at midnight.

Please make sure you have the right materials (pay close attention to the types of marble blocks) to renovate,

the Luminous Crafting Table or you may find that you need to build another Basic Crafting table to build Marble.

Once your Starlight Crafting Altar is finished you will see that it is no longer working.

This is because it requires a special platform to operate.

Looking at your Tome will show you how to build this platform and what you need (use Sextant to help with the layout).

You will see that your Starlight Crafting Altar has the most Starlight Meter. This altar also needs access to the sky, as does the Luminous Crafting Table.

It would be helpful to get Starlight Crafting Altar’s Starlight Level full. This will make the work of art and others easier.

You can surround the altar with Spectral Relays to help raise the Starlight Level of the altar.

Lightwell  РStarlight Crafting Altar A Complete Guide

A Lightwell needs to be built on the Luminous Crafting Table and needs a few Crystal Rocks.

Now if you navigate over the Rock crystals and catch the jump you can see some of the Rock Crystal objects such as Size, Cleanliness and Cutting.

When painting your Lightwell make sure you choose a crystal with Purity LOWEST, as you will need high quality crystals over time.

The clarity of the crystals used does not affect Lightwell (but for other artificial blocks).

Place Lightwell down under the open sky, then right-click on Lightwell with a hand-held object to create Liquid Starlight.

These items cannot be removed from Lightwell, and will continue to produce Liquid Starlight until spill.

Valid items starting with star generation (low to high) and (high to low) shatter chance:

  • Aquamarine
  • Resetting Values
  • Rock crystals
  • Rock chemicals are included
  • Heavenly Cards
  • Combined Crystals in Heaven

It is best to start this process early in the night to get as much out of your belongings as you will get from a little more during the day.

Keep in mind that Lightwells can only hold up to 2 buckets of Liquid Starlight so you will need

a nearby water container to install Liquid Starlight during production time.

Using Aquamarine can be very expensive because it can be broken during the production

of Liquid Starlight, which means you can go through a lot.

If you have a lot of Rock cards you can use them with very low purity. You will get more Liquid Starlight with Rock Crystal than Aquamarine.

Make sure you have a bucket in hand to pull out the Lightwell. Liquid Starlight behaves in the same way as water.

It flows through WaterMills, flows faster than water, gives you a night vision where you stand, and will freeze when it meets water.

If you use it with other Mods, please note that it is considered very cold.

If you are trying to drain this liquid with Thermal Expansion Fluid Ducts that will break (you will need to use Liinid Reinforced pipes).

Liquid Star Light can be extracted without Lightwell.

Fosic Resonator Starlight Crafting Altar A Complete Guide

Starlight Crafting Altar A Complete Guide

 Fosic Resonator Starlight Crafting Altar A Complete Guide

Now that you have a good amount of Liquid Starlight it’s time to do your next thing, Fosic Resonator.

This will require a Liquid Starlight bucket and an ingot of gold. This should be drawn on the Luminous Crafting Table.

This small device will help you get a higher Starlight focus (helpful if you have problems with getting enough Starlight to make art).

With this hand you walk around your world and find the blue pieces on the ground.

This needs to be done at night and you may not see these clips if you are flying around too fast or too fast.
Dark Blue spots like the one above mean that there is an intersection between the Star Light.

This clip has the highest Starlight filtering and is complete.

The higher you go on these plates the more Starlight you will get. This does not mean that you will need to relocate or build your “foundation” here but it will help.

Any of these scenes are great and will help you if you can start in one of these places.

A higher level of Starlight is required to make things more complex.

You can see how much Starlight is needed for each item by moving the star over the top right corner of

the Tome entry for that item.

If you are trying to do something you can see how much you need Starlight in the Starlight bar.

If the bar is not solid blue it means you will need additional Starlight:

Once you start creating an object and Starlight level drops too much it will fail,

but progress will continue if Starlight level meets the constraint limit and in the future (for example, after a day it turns into night again).

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