How To Load Packs In Mobile Strike Free

By | July 21, 2021

How To Load Packs In Mobile Strike Free

Hey Today We Show You How To Load Packs In Mobile Strike Free step by step Complete Guide . The Mobile Bowl Super Bowl commercial was the most watched ad on YouTube in 2016.

The video hosting site shares ten of its most watched ads over the past year.

These are ads that people have chosen to watch, not the ones that are included in other videos as pre-made ads.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mobile Strike ad took first place with over 100 million views. It features an 80s movie star who participates in an explosive battle with his phone.

Super cell’s Clash Royal had its fifth most-watched ad on its TV show “Song of Songs”, garnering more than 37 million views in 2016.

Big money, great views

Another gambling-related ad for the top ten will be the Super Bowl commercial Pokemon, celebrating 20 years since its inception, which has attracted 25 million views in total.

It is noteworthy that five of the top ten ads were all designed specifically for display during the Super Bowl. The sporting event is one of the most watched in the US and advertisers spend a lot of money on advertisements knowing they will be seen.

MZ is known for its endless advertising for both Game of War and Mobile Strike. It is currently working on the final Fantasy game with Square Enix which can well follow the same pattern.

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